If you have a broken blind/shade string/cord and need it repaired, you are in the right place. We will help you repair your blinds quickly and easily so you do not have to spend an arm and a leg on repairmen. Our blind cord comes in a variety of sizes to fit all types of blinds and shades, as well as a variety of colors to match the interior look of your home. If you know the size of string you need click here. Otherwise, identify your blinds first to find the string you need.

If you are looking to replace a broken blind part check out this section. Our warehouse has the selection suited for your needs for you to get the repair(s) done right without the ridiculous price tag. We offer products ranging from external parts such as tilt wands, brackets and tassels to the internal parts such as tilt mechanisms, drums and cord locks. We invite you to jump right in to our selection of parts by selecting a category on the left side. Otherwise, if you need some help with finding the part(s) you need, select a type of blind on the left or click on Identify Your Blinds to funnel down the parts to exactly what you need.

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